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In April 2021, TRAX will try to organise a technical visit offering you the possibility to visit the RER works on the field.

As there is only a limited amount of subscriptions available we recommend you to register asap.

You will soon be able register for the event.  We will provide you the possibility to register for one of the 3 time slots:

1) 10-12h
2) 13-15h
3) 15-17h

Location : TBD

Date : 04/2021

Who are we?

(ETCS event 28/11/2019)

TRAX focuses on connecting technical expertise within the Belgian Railways

TRAX is a new initiative intended to take the place of the existing KBVBI-URPIC. Our pursues is to stimulate the interactions between the technical profiles of the Belgian Railways (Infrabel and NMBS-SNCB including subsidiaries). However, in this increasingly fast-moving world, we felt it was necessary to renew the concept and make it open to all those who are technically interested (without limitation based on a degree)

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